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My Background

My introduction to energy healing happened in 1998, during a visit with my sister in Philadelphia. She was very excited about something she wanted to learn to do that eased suffering and offered healing (even over long distances!). I was skeptical, but intrigued. Several months later, after I had moved to Philadelphia and Laura had received her level I attunement, she gave me my first Reiki (pronounced 'Ray-Key') session. We were both so nervous that the experience was not particularly pleasant for either of us, but I was intrigued enough to want to know more and competitive enough to think I could do it better.

I began practicing Reiki myself in 2001 after returning to Portland following Laura's death. I attended healing circles and Reiki practice groups regularly, and learned numerous techniques, hand placements, and styles of practice. I was also finding myself exhausted after the sessions. When I mentioned this in Circle, I was told that the exhaustion would not occur after I was attuned. The price of an attunement class was prohibitive at the time, but I eventually gifted Reiki I to myself (on my 30th birthday). The class focused on using specific hand placements to give Reiki to ourselves, and concluded with an attunement by a Reiki master. Afterward, I was able to practice with less fatigue, but was still unqualified to be a Reiki practitioner (Level II). A couple of years later I was gifted with a Reiki II attunement, and since that time (2006) I have been able to call myself a practitioner, and facilitate healing remotely, as well as in person. The addition of Reiki III/ Master Teacher (a couple of years later) further strengthened the flow of Reiki, and gave me the skills to attune others to Reiki I, II, and III. To find out what a Reiki session with me is like, click here.

While I was a budding practitioner, I had a vision that changed the course of my life. I was attending Sacred Circle Dance, where we are invited to dance an intention brought forward by a member of the group. On this particular morning, the intention was "Journey." We were invited to close our eyes and envision a destination. When I closed my eyes, I immediately saw myself conducting a very sacred ritual. I was standing tall, holding a sword high above my head, wearing only raven feathers. A few weeks before, a friend had announced a (Shamanic) Priestess Process that was to be starting soon and I took this vision as a sign that the Process was for me. Thus began a ten month journey exploring and embracing my shadow and the ancient wisdom of the feminine with a group of amazing women. I emerged knowing that I carry ceremony with me and that my gifts are worthy of sharing. To learn more about the services I offer as a Shamanic Priestess, click here.

To learn more about the Priestess Process, or become of a part of it, please visit: http://freedomrisingspiritualcommunity.org/events/priestess-process/

After the Priestess Process, I began working intensively with a shaman who taught me Energetic Field Integration to help me interact with the world as a Highly Sensitive Person. My feelings were so intense that they were 'taking over' my life, and it was exhausting and unpleasant to leave my home because I was so sensitive to other people's energy. I learned to allow my feelings to flow toward my energetic center and hold them there until the energy shifted, and used the same process to Integrate the environments I (and others) moved in. For more details about how EFI works (and how it can work for you) click here.

As you'll see if you read more about my journey with EFI, my work continually evolves as I do. The modalities I use also effortlessly combine. When I do a Reiki session, for example, I automatically Integrate my client's energy field (as well as the field of the room, and of the session). I also automatically use Reiki and EFI when facilitating a ceremony or listening in my Shamanic Priestess hat. Give me a call if you'd like to see how my work can work for you! 971-832-1001

- Raven




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