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Joy Consultant

The newest hat that Im trying on is that of Joy Consultant. A Joy Consultant is someone who helps others to re-discover, or not lose track of, the joy that they were born with. Utilizing my other modalities/hats is one way (or actually several ways) to connect with your joy, and there are so many more! I have worn overalls to get in touch with my inner toddler, taken my preschool self on walks to enjoy Spring flowers and shuffle through Fall leaves, and listened to my irritable teenager when she is needing some loving attention. My imagination is vast and wild, and I would like to share it will you!

Im currently offering Joy Consultation for $33 an hour with a complimentary first hour for ensuring our compatibility. Call (or text) 971-217-6206 to book that first hour! My office hours are 12AM to 1PM Wednesdays and Thursdays and all day Sundays. I have a lovely and peaceful office on NE Broadway.

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