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Energetic Field Integration



Energetic Field Integration is a process (once described as 'realigning the light grid') that harmonizes discordant energy fields. It can soothe feelings, assist people in getting along, and raise the collective vibration of an event. EFI is also facilitating the shift our planet is undergoing. It vastly improved my daily life by helping me accomplish tasks such as grocery shopping and visiting friends that had become excruciating and exhausting.

The Process

When I was first taught Energetic Field Integration, if was very important for me to be strongly grounded before I started Integrating. [My shaman would often hold the ground for me, over the phone.] I would then imagine the energy of the feeling or event/ space I wanted to Integrate flowing into the center of my being/ heart space, and hold it there until it shifted. The shift would be accompanied by an ecstatic jump, and a feeling of euphoria would wash over me. Currently, I need to only to be triggered by something, or think about Integrating (if my energy is moving), and I automatically do it (often accompanied by the rapid fluttering of my eyelids).

What I Offer

I can Integrate any event you can think of (as far as I know), and have Integrated parties, meetings, appointments, interviews, and dates, all with positive results. Responses I've gotten have included: "That was good!"; "That felt so much better than last time."; "Thank you!" and "That was amazing!" I do not need to be in attendance in order to integrate an event, and will often Integrate before an event happens (with a 'check in' or two during the event). I charge $20 for large events, and $10 for appointments and interviews. You can also order a package of 5 Integrations for $40, or 10 for $75.

I can also teach you to Integrate. If this sounds like something you'd like to do (and you haven't figured out how to do it from my description), give me a call. 971-217-6206






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