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Reiki - A method of natural healing based on the application of Universal Life Force Energy. The practitioner issues high frequency energy out the hands into another person to correct any imbalances in the receiver.


What a Reiki Session Typically Looks Like

The space will be energetically cleaned and prepared when you arrive, and there will be soft music playing. [If you'd prefer specific or no music, please let me know!] We will sit for a few minutes while I ask you how things are going, and if there is any specific area you'd like me to focus on during the session. You will lie fully clothed on a massage table in a way that's comfortable for you and close your eyes. I will call in the Reiki masters, and both our guides, and set the intention for a beneficial and healing session. I will then (generally) move to your head, and begin placing my hands on your body (unless you request that I instead hold my hands a few inches over you) and hold them in position--allowing the Reiki energy to move through us--until I feel nudged to move on. I will work my way down to your feet, paying special attention to areas you have mentioned or that seem to me to need extra care. Most receivers of Reiki feel quite relaxed during this process. Some see images or colors. Nearly everyone enjoys it very much. When I've reached your feet/ have finished the session, I'll quietly ask you how you're feeling to signal to you that I'm done. Common responses are: "much better," "very relaxed," and "Mmm. That feels so good!" You may take your time rising, and share with me what you experienced, if you desire. Before you leave, I'll remind you to drink plenty of water to facilitate continued clearing throughout the day.


My usual fee for (EFI enhanced) Reiki is $50. Sessions generally last about an hour. Currently, I'm doing out calls or remote sessions while we clean and air out from a fire, and putting a $40 'fire sale' fee into effect. Call today for this special rate! 971-217-6206.

- Raven




Raven's Heart Healing Arts